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#BAM Revision of Another Clinic's Strip: Carlos K. Wesley, MD -2222 FUT



Hair Transplant Nurse

This patient man underwent a follicular unit transplantation (FUT) session with Dr. Carlos K. Wesley in which a total of 2222 grafts were placed.

The patient’s hair follicles were incubated in platelet rich plasma (PRP) throughout the duration of the procedure. This, combined with an ATP-containing storage solution has been shown to enhance survival of transplanted hairs.

As with all of Dr. Wesley’s patients, he was NOT required to cut his hair for the procedure. As a result, this patient was able to return comfortably to work and social activities within approximately 7-10 days of his procedure.

The patient returned 2 years after his procedure and images of the patient can be seen below.




4 awesome repairs with SMG
Nice work Marie! Even though his loss wasn't high on the Norwood scale his transplant has improved the appearance of his hairline and given him one that frames the face better. In my experience talking to others it doesn't matter whether someone has mild hair loss or extensive loss it can still knock your confidence for six....glad hes all sorted now.

Thanks for sharing