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BeerKings Hair Transplant - 3000 grafts with Dr. Biçer, Istanbul

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Dr. Özlem Biçer

Dr. Özlem Biçer

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We are posting the story of BeerKings hair transplant to share with you what a wonderful experience he had.
You can read future upodates on his thread on the Germam Aloperzie Hair Loss Forum. Hair Transplant with Dr. Biçer,


I am 35 years old and over the last 12-15 years my hair status has developed from I to II according to the Hamilton-Norwood scheme. Since it was getting tight by combing over the front, I had been thinking about HT for about 2 years. But I hadn't really dealt with the topic either. Since I couldn't take a summer vacation this year and had to spend another 3 weeks, I thought to myself "now or never"!
I had my eyes lasered 10 years ago in Turkey, at that time with Dr. Sinan Göker. Since the price and performance were excellent back then, I wanted to go back to Turkey for the HT. Although I have to say that the price is clearly secondary. A good result was important to me! I had then read through reports on the Turkish doctors / clinics here in the forum and the chic hairlines of Dr. Biçer is already very promised. So I sent a request straight away with some pictures, to which an answer was quickly received, fortunately even in German. After I had to send a few more detailed pictures, including with wet hair, I got the feedback that a transplant could take place.

The planning The

following sequence was planned:
Day 1: Arrival late in the evening (11 p.m.) with transfer to the hotel right next to the clinic
. Day 2: Preliminary discussion, examination and transplantation
Day 3: Follow-up check and transfer back to the airport, the departure time was 3
p.m. A cost estimate for the transplant of 3000 grafts made

getting there

I have already been to Istanbul twice before. Nevertheless, my greatest fear was: "What do you do if nobody picks you up at the airport?" I landed at the new IST airport outside the city and I had to find out that the ways are damn long. Until I finally got to the exit of the arrivals area, it took almost an hour. A week before I had got a picture of a man holding up a sign with a number. Fortunately, I saw the sign directly. Unfortunately, the sign was ajar against a railing and the right man was missing ... After I had waited about 5 minutes at the sign, a boy came and spoke to me. I am cautious by nature, but since the boy addressed me directly by my name, he had to know who I am. He then took me to the pickup zone. A black Mercedes V-Class with a very good interior was already waiting for me there, which was supposed to take me to the hotel, 60 km away because the hotel and the practice of Dr. Biçer are on the Asian side of Istanbul. While I was chauffeured through Istanbul at night, I felt like a Turkish sultan Sheraton Atasehir Hotel seems new to me and is really excellent. The rooms are well equipped and modern (connoisseurs will immediately notice the Grohe fittings). The view from the 19th floor was great and the breakfast left nothing to be desired unless it has to be an English breakfast in hotels ...

The day of the operation

Somehow I remembered that you shouldn't eat anything before surgery. That wasn't an option for me, but I only allowed myself a small cheat breakfast. Later more. At 9 am I was picked up at the hotel and taken to the clinic opposite by Dr. Biçer led. Aydın Tuncer took over. He speaks German and has also worked for Dr. Biçer interprets if necessary, with Dr. Biçer himself speaks perfect English. After tea we went to Dr. Biçer, I should present my ideas there. I may have had a little over the top plans for the hairline. Dr. Biçer drew a natural-looking hairline, which also convinced me. It was also determined that hair should also be transplanted a little into the area behind the current hairline,
As agreed, I paid in advance. After that, my head was shaved and a blood sample was taken. Then it went to the anesthetic. That was also the most uncomfortable part. I'm not a fan of syringes by nature and was just happy when my head went numb.
I am assuming that the basic process of HT is known to everyone here. Therefore just briefly about the parts that Dr. Biçer took over himself. In addition to the planning, she carried out the complete graft removal. She also made all the cuts for the graft insertion. Your assistants have taken over the installation. Nothing was noticed from the entire procedure. When I put it on, I actually slept for quite a while!

I recommend you to have a good breakfast beforehand. When I took it out, I got really hungry. What was happening to my head at that moment interested me much less than when we finally had lunch. Lunch was really good! Doner kebab, french fries, salad and this Dürüm bread. I ate everything in record time. That probably happened to Dr. Biçer, who then personally brought me Turkish pastries, which I gave her credit for on the spot.
Shortly before 8 p.m. the last hair was inserted and after a short follow-up check my head was bandaged and I was able to go to the hotel.

The day of departure

The next day I woke up in pain. Not on my head, but on my neck, because I slept on my back without a pillow. But it worked, I didn't turn. After having had an extensive breakfast this time, I went to Dr. Biçer's practice. Everything was checked and photographed again. I received medication and instructions for the coming weeks and then the black Mercedes V-Class was waiting for me outside to take me around the airport.

Progress pictures.

Pre op.

Dr Bicer pre+op+oben.JPG
Dr Bicer pre+op+hinten.JPG

Immediate post op.

Dr Bicer post+op+vorne.JPG
Dr Bicer post+op+hinten.JPG

3 days post op.

Dr Bicer 3+tage+post+op+oben.JPG

14 days post op.

Dr Bicer 1.JPG
Dr Bicer 3.JPG

Dr Bicer 2.JPG
Dr Bicer 4.JPG

Donor area and recipient area healing.

Dr Bicer 5.jpg
Br Bicer 4.jpg

12 months.
Quote from BeerKing -
The result looks really good now!
It has become so natural that nobody has spoken to me about it who wasn't also informed about it. The donor area also looks like nothing has ever happened!

Dr Bicer 6.jpeg
dr bicer 7.jpeg
Dr. Özlem Biçer

Dr. Özlem Biçer

Valued member
Here is an update showing Beer kings donor.



Staff member
The image is a bit dark but from what I can see his donor looks to be in good condition. He must be happy with this.