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Before and 16 months after Hair Transplant – 2100 FUE Grafts – HDC Hair Clinic



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This patient is 28 years old. He had this bundle of hair in the front and no hair on temples and behind the bundle. He has contacted HDC Hair Clinic to solve his problem. We decided that the best treatment for him was to cover the area by FUE Hair Transplant surgery by creating a new hairline and going around his existing hair. This way he could keep his own hair and use less grafts.
You can see the exact grafted area in the post operation photos. He only needed 2100 grafts and achieved full coverage.
When in the future his own hair behind the transplanted will thin out, then he will need a 2[sup]nd[/sup] Hair Transplant and this will be the time to cover the non-grafted are, in the front.
We also show the good work done for the donor, which looks as if it is untouched.
The philosophy of HDC Hair Clinic is that the result should be evaluated in two ways.
One, for the recipient area regarding good design, distribution of grafts, correct direction and the naturalness of the result.
Two, for the donor area keeping it without depletion, without visible white dots and giving the patient the option to have a very short haircut without constraint.
More important leaving the donor area available for future hair transplants as hair loss never stops, especially for potential high Norwood scale patients.
We encourage patients to make good research before they pick their HT doctor and make a two way evaluation of the results of their short list clinics.


Immediately After

16 Months after



Well this quit amazing that you got such a nice results after 16 months .it's a long process you have wait for it ..then it will shows the results..


4 awesome repairs with SMG
Another top drawer result guys. He must be thrilled with this as his expectations have been met to perfection.
Thanks for posting