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Before and after 1 Year - 3000 FUE grafts – From HDC Hair Clinic in Cyprus



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This is a 32-year-old patient at Norwood class 5 stage. He has some thin hair in his balding area, and he wondered if these would be affected adversely from the hair transplant. We explained that there is a possibility that some of those vellus hair might not survive and that we will place the appropriate density to cover of any loss.

Finally, it seems that most if not all his existing hair survived as the result is really thick after placing 3000 grafts on hairline and top area.

The patient is coming for a second FUE Hair Transplant to cover the crown.

What is remarkable in this case, apart from the result, is that the donor looks as strong as before the extraction of 3000 grafts, illustrated by photos and video. This makes this patient ready for covering all his crown with FUE2 without worry about his donor.

How you will look after your FUE Hair Transplant and why the donor keeps in best condition, can be seen in this video link.



Immediately After

1 Year After



Before I joined this research forum I wouldn't have believed results like this were even attainable from a transplant. The surgery results coming from your clinic are superb!


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WoW that is a remarkable transformation congratulations to the patient and the Team

HDC Changing Lives For The Better Thank You