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Before and After 10 months – 2360 FUE – With diffuse donor – HDC Hair Clinic – Dr. Vrionidou



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This is an interesting case. The patient is 28 years old with hair loss in the front 4 cm and has a sort of below average donor area.

We have transplanted 2360 grafts.

We had to spread the extraction in almost all the donor in order to avoid depletion and further thinning of his donor. We used manual punch with minimal depth of punching, for reduced donor trauma and left the surrounding hair intact from each punched graft.

You can see in the photos that follows, the result in the front and the condition of the donor 10 months after surgery. The hair transplant industry needs to start incorporating in the results presentation, also the condition of the donor, as we see many patients that come to us with destroyed donors.

We have also a video of the donor of this patient, but I need to find the way to upload it.

To educate further the hair loss sufferers who research of how to solve their thinning or balding problem, we have cleated 2 videos that give ideas how to choose the correct Clinic and to answer the question of how I am going to look a few days after surgery. You can see them in the links below.

How to choose the correct clinic, Video https://youtu.be/RO3DIQqI6i0

Post operation look, videohttps://youtu.be/huPLNp-Sy8c


Immediately after

10 months after



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This is a terrific result. Donor looks to be in first-rate condition after his surgery too(y)