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Before and After 8 Months - 67-Year-old Patient – 3227 FUE Grafts – HDC Hair Clinic



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This patient who is 67 years old had a strip many years ago in his home country to cover he crown. He wanted to restore his hairline and front. In the Beginning HDC was hesitating to proceed with Surgery due to age and thin hair on the donor with a strip scar. We lowered his expectations and we go for it after examining well his health history.
To our and his surprise, the result was great. He is now coming soon for covering the area behind FUE1. Many times, the positive thinking of the patient can help.
The careful punching of Dr Maras will enable the donor of this patient to give about an additional 3000 grafts on FUE2.
You can see the before, post op of donor and recipient, and the result 8 months after.


Immediately after

8 Months After

Photo in the sun



No way would i have envisaged this result possible looking at the first couple of pictures. Huge credit to the clinic on a great result.


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That's amazing, I get why the clinic was a little reluctant at first given his age but I'm glad they went through with it as he looks great. I agree with Escar i too bet hes the envy of his mates with such a nice hairline.....good thing about waiting until hes that age i suppose is at least he knows where his hairloss would have progressed to whereas younger patients can only make educated guesses as to where theirs will progress to in the future.

Awesome work thanks for sharing