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Before and After 8 years – 2200 FUE Grafts on Hairline – HDC Hair Clinic



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This is a case of 2200 FUE Hair Transplantation with the result presented 8 years after. The patient was 34 years old in 2011 and now he is 42.
Many times, we see our patients after many years losing a lot of their existing hair. In this case the patient kept most of his existing hair because it was strong as you can see in the before photos.
He is now back to HDC Hair clinic, to fill up his crown area and we took the opportunity to capture the after 8 years photos.
This post can answer the question if the transplanted hair can stay the same after many years. It did stay in this case, but we see other cases that transplanted hair lose density after many years.


Immediately after

8 Year after



Good to see it standing the test of time. Personally I appreciate these types of photographs more than the 12 months post op ones. Will you be adding any documentation for the crown surgery?