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Best Hair Regrowth

Clinic Expert

Clinic Expert

Treatment For Women Females suffer from numerous hair problems such as hair loss and hair thinning similarly like males due to multiple reasons, So what is the best hair regrowth treatment for women? How much does it cost? How is it applied? And who is eligible for it?

If you are looking for further details about this topic, keep reading, this article will enlighten your knowledge.

To begin with, the best hair regrowth treatment for women depends on the case and situation of every patient, so let us first underscore the main types of female hair problems.

The Androgenetic alopecia,

known for women as the female-pattern baldness. The latter is one of the most common types of hair loss, and it mostly occurs due to genetic and hereditary factors. This type of hair shedding causes hair thinning on the top of the head, and then it prevails the whole head.

Traction Alopecia

this type is common for females as well, and it damages the hair causing hair thinning and severe hair shedding due to tight hairstyles like braids, extensions, cornrows, ponytails…etc.

Anagen Effluvium

this hair problem occurs during the Anagen phase which is the growing stage of the hair cycle. And it causes excessive hair shedding that may result in baldness.

Telogen effluvium

the telogen effluvium is the opposite of the precedent issue, the anagen effluvium as it occurs during the telogen phase which is known as the resting part of the hair cycle. In this phase, the hair does neither grow nor fall, but when the telogen effluvium occurs, the hair falls in this part of the hair growth cycle.

So as we mentioned, there are multiple types of hair loss: once you notice any type of them, the first thing that you need to do is to consult an experienced, talented and credible doctor. A highly crucial point that needs to be underscored, is that Turkey is the best country where you can find highly qualified and competent doctors if you have any hair problem, no matter how complicated it may seem to you. In various international hospitals like Clinic expert hospital in Istanbul, you just need to call them, and you will get a free diagnosis either in the hospital or online if you are in another country, or in case you are not able to go to the hospital.

A doctor will prepare for you a detailed diagnosis, and he will provide you with the best hair regrowth treatment for women depending on your case and your problem. Fortunately, multiple effective and beneficial treatments have been developed in order to get rid of all the types of hair problems, even baldness. And they could be classified as following:

The Platelet-Rich plasma

this is actually an injection that is done by drawing blood from the patient’s body, centrifuging it, separating its constituents, taking the plasma, mixing it with calcium and injecting it in the scalp. This is considered as one of the best hair regrowth treatments for women whose hair is getting thin. It is done once per month, the number of sessions is generally between six to twelve months depending on the case of every patient. It is a non-surgical process, and it takes only 15 minutes.

The Low-laser therapy

one of the other best hair regrowth treatments for women whose hair is getting thin or falling. It is done into sessions as well like the Platelet-Rich plasma. It is a non-surgical process that is pain-free, it does not necessitate anesthesia at all, and it takes around 30 minutes.

The hair products

hair products and the hair care routine are quite important, that’s why one of the best hair growth treatments for women sometimes depends on the use of good, heathy, natural and paraben, sulfates and silicone free hair products.

Hair transplant

for those whose hair is falling and getting bald due to Androgenetic alopecia, the above-mentioned treatments are not helpful at all, this category of women need a hair transplant procedure. The latter is quite effective, and in Turkey its success rate has surpassed 90% in the most reputable international hospitals like Clinic expert hospital in Istanbul turkey. It could be done using multiple methods, but the best technique for women so far is the DHI pro, because it is the most effective, non surgical and advantageous mechanism that does not cause any damage at all, and its healing process does not exceed three days. Added to those benefits, this technique is regarded as the best hair regrowth treatment for women as it is done without even shaving the hair.

To conclude, the best hair regrowth treatment for women is determined after examining the patient’s case and figuring out its reasons. Hence, in order to know the best therapy that suits your case, you need to select a highly professional, competent and talented doctor.


Very useful information about the hair regrowing it will be very good for those who have hair thinning and hair loss problem..
Clinic Expert

Clinic Expert

Very useful information about the hair regrowing it will be very good for those who have hair thinning and hair loss problem..
yes for sure, We are making sure that everyone is aware of their condition, how to treat it, and how to prevent unexpected events