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Best Results in Clinic Hospital Center with more Specialist



There is one clinical hospital center who applies these 3 methods (FUE, SAPPIRE, DHI) in Turkey. Its name is EsteCapelli in Istanbul, they use the painless anesthetic method in all techniques. At this Estecapelli clinic center, a painless procedure is performed due to a special needle-free anesthesia devices instead of needles used under local anesthesia.These devices allow anesthetic substances to penetrate the skin through the pores by spraying with pressure, so the patient never feel any pain or any suffering from injection during or after operation.
This EsteCapelli gives you a lifetime warranty of grafts growth. They can transplant no matter how much the number of graft is. They have already applied these methods on 10000 persons indeed they are well experienced. So there are high quality, good service and best results but low cost.
They offer 3 packages of price depending on method:
1 pack FUE method= 1700euro
2 pack SAPPIRE method= 1900euro
3 pack DHI method= 2100euro
In every package includes
Special Offer: Operation (consultation, medical test, surgery)+ Hotel 5* + Transfers airport-hotel-clinical hospital + PRP Stem Cell Therapy + Lifetime Warranty. They use Best Techniques. 7 Years Experience. 100% Painless Procedure. +10000 Operations. Clinic Hospital reputation. Lifetime Guarantee 100% Services: Hair Transplant, Hair Density.