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Body Hair Transplantation: Experience of Dr Arika Bansal & Dr Pradeep Sethi at Eugenix

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Eugenix Hair Sciences

Eugenix Hair Sciences

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During FUE or DHT hair transplantation, a recipient demand and donor supply principle can explain the shortage of donor hair when we attempt to have a full scalp coverage on the recipient area for a patient with a high grade of baldness and not much scalp donor. In such a scenario, we then proceed southwards in search of viable donor grafts. This has led to the succesful transition of beard donor hair into the scalp with 85% approximate success in their growth.

However, during the FUE / DHT hair transplantation procedure, we can also try to harvest the donor hair from the chest, thighs, pubic area, etc. but it does not have a promising result. Infact, the genetic makeup of the hair start to vary as we move further away from the scalp. Therefore, beard and sidelocks have a good survivability and close likeness to the scalp hair.

This characterstic makes these hair amalgamate with the scalp hair producing fine looking results. Sidelock donor hair characterstics are more similar to scalp donor hair than beard donor because of the proximity to the scalp. Beard donor hair are more wiry and can stand out if not straight in nature. Chest hair grafts, thigh hair grafts, pubic hair grafts, etc. on the other hand might not even be visible after the full hair growth on the scalp as they tend to have a longer stagnant phase. It is always advisable to be judicious in the use of scalp donor grafts and beard donor grafts rather than move directly towards chest, thighs, pubic areas, etc. without proper assessment.

Hair restoration can have multiple factors that affect the look of the end result. Hair transplantation is a baldness cure but it does have it's own rules when a hair doctor is planning hair growth in men and women. The before and after results of hair transplant can help understand the nature of the hair taken from different donor zones. The beard hair, when it grows can be styled using different hair styling products such as serums and hair protein creams.



What length does transplanted beard hair look best and the most natural or doesn't it really matter?
Eugenix Hair Sciences

Eugenix Hair Sciences

Valued member
Hello sir, it would not matter. But all transplanted hair if kept longer and same length gives out a better effect visually.

Thank you.