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Booked in for my HT at with Dr Arshad - The Hair Dr 16th Feb (2000 grafts).



I noticed that I was thinning on top and receding from around 23 years old and this took a massive hit on my self-esteem and confidence. From there I booked in for a consultation at a clinic in Manchester (can't remember the name) and was told to try and preserve the hair I've got and use a transplant as a last resort. The doctor mentioned laser therapy (which I tried for 4 or 5 sessions but thought it was was overpriced and not a sustainable option for me at the time). He also mentioned finasteride, to which I did a lot of reading on, before starting to take it a few months later (which financially worked for me at the time).

I saw great results within the first 6 months of taking it (pictures attached) and managed to hold on to the area that was thinning. I was finally able to wear my hair down with confidence knowing that noone could see my scalp which was a massive boost for me. I've now been on fin (1mg/day) coming up to 5 years and have held on to these results.

I now feel like I'm in the right place to add the final piece to the puzzle by going to get the transplant and to get my hairline restored (and hopefully to get a little bit of my scalp where the hair was thinning done, too).

I've read everyone else's experiences with Dr Arshad and his team and it reaffirms my decision that it could be life changing for me (as it has with many others on this forum).

From the first phone call with Adam and the online consultation with Sommiya (I think), it has been a breeze and all my anxieties have turned to excitement and I've even asked to be put on the cancellations list!

No pushy sales tactics, up front, and honest.

I'll be documenting my journey on here, as many others have to hopefully give them what I needed to go ahead and get this procedure done.


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Hi Greg. It's good to hear the forum has helped you in your research. Like you, Finasteride has worked great for me. Holding onto what you have and possibly gaining more hair is good.
How many grafts have been suggested?


Hi Bigmac

2000 grafts. Seeing others that have had 2000 in a similar situation to me and seeing their results, I'm excited to see what mine will be.


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I just saw the number in the thread title but thanks for confirming. It is exciting having your hair restored. I'll look forward to hearing about your experience once you've had it done.
Any questions just ask away.
All the best.

Herr Loss

I'm sure you'll have a great experience like all their other clients.

Taking finasteride was easily one of the best decisions I've made, it's just a shame there's so much fear mongering surrounding it.


Great decision, Greg. Yours looks not entirely different to mine, and it may well be that in person he’ll recommend going for more like 2,500 (Although not at all in a pushy way). I think a few others have found likewise. Very glad I agreed to go for more in hindsight.


I agree with TopDog, it was the same for me where I was recommended 500 more on the day. But, you’re in great hands, good luck.


Thanks everyone. Week tomorrow now - can't come quick enough!


Really exciting time for you! All the best and hope everything goes smoothly. Keep us posted with your experience


Well, it's the morning after surgery.

The day was everything that I expected after reading multiple accounts (which have been invaluable) on this forum. Dr. Arshad and his team were fantastic throughout the and duty of care was and has been spot on.

I turned up to the clinic at 7 am and was greeted by Adam who was welcoming and went through the whole breakdown of how the day was going to run before asking if I had any questions (I was mainly concerned about being sedentary for 2 weeks, but this period is the most vital and will have a big impact on my overall result).

After this, I was taken up to Dr. Arshad's office where we completed further paperwork and he drew on my hairline after taking photos of my (now old) overgrown hair. We agreed on a natural-looking hairline which only took around 30 minutes and after discussing my scalp (which was susceptible to thinning prior to starting fin 4 1/2 years ago) decided to go for an extra 500 grafts to provide further density.

I then got changed into a surgical gown before getting my head shaved. Must admit my heart rate went up significantly during this as it's been 10 years since I was scalped! Luckily for me, I never saw my shaved head until the final result which was like a massive weight had been lifted off my shoulders (I now had a hairline!)

The injections on the right side of my head were the worst out of them all for some strange reason but once the anaesthetic kicked in it was painless throughout the whole procedure. The technicians were great and conversation flowed throughout the entire procedure. I received 0.8 punches during extraction and this was a strange sensation - I can only describe it as each punch sounding like footprints in the snow.

We broke for lunch at around 12:30 pm to get some much-needed sugar into the body as I was a little foggy after the extraction session. Adam came in to check on me and for a chat before the next stage of the operation.

After lunch, it was time for Dr. Arshad to create the channels before implantation of grafts by the technicians. It ranged from 2 to 4 technicians working on my head at the same time (sorry I'm rubbish with names) - they were stars as mentioned before. I don't know how they can keep focused for so long! Dr. Arshad and Sommiya both regularly came in to check on progress and to see how I was doing.

The operation finished at around 5:30 pm where I got changed back into my clothes before a de-brief with Dr. Arshad where he took photos, I got to look at the final result. I couldn't believe it - I had a hairline again! Before leaving I received a bag full of medications which also came with a detailed 7-day aftercare plan on what and when to take it.

The drive home was fine but when I got home the anaesthetic started to wear off and I was in some discomfort (thank god for the medication). After 30 minutes the pain subsided drastically and then it was time for bed. I slept on the couch and woke up every few hours but it was nowhere near as rough as I expected. Woke up with no pain and I was a little concerned that my hairline was uneven on the right-hand side. Adam phoned this morning and said it was just swelling (which I thought it might be but still wanted to make sure).

In total, I received 2612 grafts
Soft = 76
Singles = 163
Doubles = 1108
Triples = 1265

Could not recommend Hair Dr enough. A massive thank you to you all. I'm looking forward to the whole process and looking to give back through regular updates.

Pictures are from after the operation and this morning.


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Hi mate
I met dr ashard and sommya also Adam at the desk a couple of weeks ago
Very down to earth people nice guys
They will look after u
Grow well


Nice one Gregg, welcome to the journey!

Hairline looking very neat and well done.

Just be careful over the next week and keep on spraying. I sprayed like every 30 mins/1 hour just in case haha.

Herr Loss

Congratulations Gregg, I'm sure you'll be chuffed in 12 months time.


Thanks! I'm using the aftercare chart to the tee. Doesn't feel too dry so spraying every 2 hours is sufficient - if it does feel tight and dry over the next few days I'll probably reduce the time between each spray. Removed the bandage tonight also to reveal the swelling so hopefully that subsides in a few days. I was a little hesitant with the application of ointment as I thought it was going to be sore, but it isn't too bad!


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Staff member
Hi Greg.
Everything sounds like you had a great experience at the clinic.
The work looks nice and clean, those 2612 grafts will transform how you look once grown in with your new hairline. I see you've had a little bleeding in the donor area. I had this on one of my surgeries. I poured lukewarm water over it and gently dabbed and repeated until it was clear. This way you won't be left with a hard crusty blood spot. It just looks unsightly but so t do any harm.
Swelling will distort things until it goes down.
Good to hear the pain wasn't really an issue once the meds kicked in.
I'm looking forward to following your progress.
All the best.