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Buzz cut help break outs on scalp/ingrown hairs



So I started my smp treatment. I never shaved my head/buzzed it until now. The length I'm going for is a half or the t trimmer size. My skin is sensitive or I messed up but my whole head is covered with the bumps and I'm freaking out idk what to do or what to use. Soaps/lotions/buzzers please help me. I tried using cetaphil face wash on my head then gold dial antibacterial soap. Idk how to fix this. Do I use something with alcohol even though my skin is sensitive? Witch hazel? Any input would help especially from
Someone with this problem. I also don’t know if I’m suppose to buzz after a shower or before.




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Always shave your head after a shower as it warms your skin up which should prevent some irritation. Keep it under the warm water for a while though.

If you are completely buzzing your head you will need a decent set of clippers. A cheap set may not be sympathetic to your scalp. Probably worth doing a few google searches to find out what others have done as i am sure it is a very common problem Or contacting a reputable SMP clinic.

If you have Ingrowing hairs on your head, they may need plucking out.


Use Fusidic acid it kill all anti bacteria and it kills those un needed hair too ingrowing hair, put it only were you have ingrowing hairs. Little bit this one helps you!!! I had transplanted hairs too some were also gone
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Has your SMP provider suggested what products to use?