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Case performed by Dr. Feriduni – SHA-Lift and FUE in 2 procedures

Dr. Feriduni

Dr. Feriduni

Representative Dr. Feriduni
FUE performed on a 55-year old patient with

• a congenital high forehead through female frontal fibrosing alopecia (FFFA)
• Donor density of 88 FU/cmÇ occipital, 84X FU/cmÇ parietal, 80 FU/cmÇ temporal
• Hair diameter of ~ 52-64 microns

Treatment plan
Surgical Hairline Advancement and Follicular Unit Extraction to lower and attain an aesthetic reconstruction of the hairline.

Performed procedures
1. SHA-Lift (June 30, 2020)

2. FUE (October 20, 2020)
Follicular Unit Extraction with 2078 FU:
* 592 single hair FU
* 1041 double hair FU
* 445 triple hair FU
HGI: 1,9

Parallel incisions in custom-sized blades technique (Cutting Edge blades of 0,8-0,95 mm).
Extraction performed by WAW-system with a 0.80 mm serrated trumpet punch.

No microscopic preparation of the follicular unit grafts.

Dr. Bijan Feriduni


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4 awesome repairs with SMG
This is an interesting case example...we don't offend get to see examples of techniques like the SHA lift.....the result combined with the FUE has achieved and amazing result, she must be thrilled with this....well done Dr Feriduni this is awesome work!