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Caucasian Hair Transplantation: 2000+ grafts, Grade 2 @Eugenix Hair Sciences by Drs Sethi & Bansal

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Eugenix Hair Sciences

Eugenix Hair Sciences

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Robin, an international model, from Chile started feeling that his receding hairline would affect his future career path. He had no family history of baldness progressing in this fashion. Keeping his future progression, we decided to fix his hairline, temple points, and frontotemporal angles (FTA). We digitated into the thinning zone on the FTA and covered that as well. Making the hairline and the temple look natural was the main goal as that would be hit by the piercing camera lights on the artistically curated face of Robin! The outcome came out the way it was planned and the result turned out to be career-saving for an international model.



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4 awesome repairs with SMG
Outstanding....I image this was a really worrying time for him being a model because if he chose the wrong clinic his career it could have been very detrimental to his career......thankfully he didnt and his result looks great!