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Caucasian Hair Transplantation @Eugenix Hair Sciences by Drs Bansal/Sethi: 10 months Update

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Eugenix Hair Sciences

Eugenix Hair Sciences

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The index patient was a young 32-year-old man who had Grade 2A + Crown baldness. He was worried about his receding hairline and the hair loss in the crown also. We planted a total of 2250 grafts in his case. Five hundred singles were placed while designing the hairline. We also planted some grafts on his crown. He has also prescribed medications for the preservation of his pre-existing hair. By 10 months, he has had a complete change in look and a good density of hair on his scalp. In the video, we can witness the progress of this patient. The density will continue to increase until the 12th month.





Was this transplant done primarily with scalp hair or did you utilize any beard grafts during this operation please?