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Chandigarh Barnet Tour Sept 2019 – Group outing to see Dr Bhatti at his world famous Darling Buds Clinic



Dear all,

I am Dr Bhatti's UK/International Patient Advisor and a past patient myself, you can all read all about my past patient experience in the link below,


Following my own magnificent journey I now try my best to help fellow hair loss sufferers get their hair back and their lives back on track.

I will be taking a group of patients to Chandigarh, India in late September this year which promises to be another memorable journey for all.

We will be flying out on Friday 20th September from Birmingham, UK on a short flight to Amsterdam where we will be staying the evening to enjoy an evening out which should be a great opportunity for the group to relax and get to know each other better.

I know many long haul international flights (US, Canada, South America) stop at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport so it’s good opportunity for our follicular challenged international friends to break up their lengthy journeys and join the group too.

As for our fellow Europeans, again you are all most welcome; getting to Amsterdam for you guys is a breeze. The flight next day, Saturday 21st early pm takes us direct to Delhi in less than 8 hours, real easy, no messing about. Once in Delhi we have a short wait for a connecting flight to Chandigarh (flight duration 55 mins) or I might book a luxury taxi(s). We will then stay in Chandigarh and the surrounding area for 6 nights where myself and Dr Bhatti will organise various things to do that will fit around group members’ surgeries and recovery times. It will be a fun packed memorable trip, that I can promise.

We will head back to Delhi on Saturday 27th for our return flight to the UK via a short 1 hour stop in Amsterdam where we will have the opportunity to say Adios to our international friends. I’m looking at booking a train journey for the return to Delhi just for the experience.

We arrive back in the UK on the Sunday morning and hopefully everyone will be home for their Sunday Chicken Jalfrezi…..sorry Sunday roast…..which will just taste so so bland.

At the time of writing this I have a couple of UK patients and possibly 2 Irish lads on board. When I checked the flight prices earlier today they were £440, an absolute steal!

I could probably take a maximum of 7-8 patients with me depending on their graft requirements of course so I think it won’t be long before the trip is fully booked up.

So if any of you are considering hair restoration surgery with Dr Bhatti or perhaps finding the whole travel to India thing a daunting prospect, then please get in touch, my details are below.

Kindest Regards
Shera -
UK Representative and Patient Adviser for Dr. Tejinder Bhatti View My FUE Patient HT Story
UK Email : [email protected]
UK Freephone : 0800 634 8588
WhatsApp Call/Message: +44 7708 018667

I am not a medical professional. All opinions are my own and my advice should not constitute as medical advice.