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Chest Hair to Head Hair Transplant With Dr.UGraft Advanced FUE - Live Surgical Demonstration



Hello everyone,

To those familiar with hair transplant techniques, it is no secret that traditional FUE tools have had problems in the safe and consistent extraction of body hair. Practitioners using these tools have reported, by and large, poor results. An important factor accounting for this is the trauma inflicted on hair grafts extracted using conventional FUE tools -- tools which have fewer problems with head hair extraction. One important reason for problematic extraction is the angulation of body hair below the skin surface. Since this is hidden in the skin, the operator would have to guess the angles unless he or she is equipped with a tool that assists by self-navigating and tracking the hair through its tortuous path. Read more about Dr.UGraft €™s patented technology helps to minimize this vexing issue.

In the video below, you will see how the Dr.UGraft System, featuring the Intelligent Punch (Dr.UPunch i) safely and efficiently extracts hair from a chest donor area using patented and patent-pending graft grip, pull, score, and release mechanisms. Also witness in the video, the €œFUE Swipe Maneuver € described by Dr. U in this innovative body hair transplant publication in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal. This is made possible by the graft control capabilities outlined above.

Stay tuned for more surgical demonstrations on other problem areas in follicular unit extraction hair restoration surgery, and how the Dr.UGraft advanced hair transplant system overcomes them.



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