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Choosing an FUE Clinic? Who is doing the harvesting??

Dr. Baubac Rep

Dr. Baubac Rep

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A lot of people have emailed me recently for pics of donor regions of patient €™s who have undergone FUE procedures with Dr. Baubac.

The patients below had an FUE procedure with Dr. Baubac

When FUE is done correctly a patient can still where his hair short and the procedure is hardly detectable.

It is important to choose a doctor that has years of experience doing FUE Harvesting.

Dr. Baubac explains here why he does all his own FUE harvesting here: https://www.alviarmani.com/alvi-armani-beverly-hills/fue-harvesting-performed-by-dr-baubac/


4 awesome repairs with SMG
Them donors do look good ¬b`. I will never forget taking my youngest lad to the barbers in my local town and seeing the barber there. His safe zone was mutilated with the biggest punch holes iv'e ever seen and the whole safe zone was like this. Poor guy had practically zero hair on top to show for this either.
I truly felt for this guy as he'd obviously chosen to have FUE because he was a barber and liked to wear his hair short and trendy but they had totally destroyed his hair for him.
I didn't dare ask who had performed his surgery but i echo what your saying about it being very important to got to an FUE clinic/doctor with good experience at donor harvesting.