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Choosing clinic for hair transplantation



Hello, guys. I am loosing my hair for almost 4 years and was thinking a lot about doing a hair transplantation. I still continue to use minoxidil, seems like i am not loosing that much recently, but still looks bad. Seems like Turkey is the best option so far for hair transplantation, was reading a lot here about people who have done the surgery and thinking about performing surgery soon. Right now i am on vacation in Turkey so wanna make a decision while i am here. Have talked with many clinics and have couple of options for now, would be glad if you will give some advices or real feedbacks about them. My options: VeraClinic, Dr.Bircan, Hair of Istanbul. Vera Clinic proposed DHI method 2800 grafts, Dr. Bircan 2800 grafts FUE method, Hair of istanbul 3100 grafts FUE method.


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Hello, Looks you really need to have Hair Transplant as i read your comment you already did your research as per my experienc you can consider below doctors also.
Dr Ekrem Civas ( Which I choose and did my hair transplant he is in Ankara I choose him because he work only one patient a day and that was I were looking for.)
Dr. Koray Erdogan Istanbul


i have talked wıth Dr.Koray, i think he is a bit overpriced, my budget is under 4000 euros, have talked with assistant of Dr.Ekrem, didn't like the interaction, so that's why was choosing between these 3 options


Seems like finally have a decision about hair tranplantation. Was thinking a lot about it for the last couple of years, so it was a hard decision for me, while i am in Turkey decided to talk with doctors in person, cause online was hard to make a decision. Choose 3 hair transplantation clinics VeraClinic, Dr.Bircan, Hair of Istanbul. Honestly everything was ok in all of the clinic, but i just felt that it will be better to do it with Dr.Bircan clinic, cause interaction with doctor and his team was quite nice and i felt relaxed. In the lobby after the consultation with the doctor had a conversation with the patient who had done the surgery and seemed very satisfied with the results. So will do the surgery in couple of days, wish me good luck.