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Chris Mahoney has 7 th HT this time at KSL



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Former X factor star has undergone his 7th HT on his hairline before his appearance on Jeremy Kyle (cant see that happening now lol) this time using KSL.
For his sake I truly hope he gets the result he finally wants but I'm not holding my breath as he seems to me to have body dysmorphia or something having 7 HT's on a hairline is not normal

According to the Mirror

They have shown his results of his latest £5,000 hair transplant. (How the results are shown when hes just had the HT is beyond me)

And he's had his makeover just in time for his appearance on a special celebrity episode of The Jeremy Kyle Show, Mirror Online can reveal.

The former X Factor and Celebrity Big Brother star will appear on Jeremy Kyle's daytime talk show on Tuesday.

Ahead of that, he splashed out £5,000 on his SEVENTH hair transplant, revealing the results in these exclusive pictures.

The star has had a number of procedures in the past both in the UK and in Poland.

Chris had his latest procedure at the weekend at KSL Clinic in Manchester.

He chose to go to the clinic to have a correction done by hair surgeon Dr Matee, who is a favourite among celebs and sportsmen hoping to revive their hair.

The 41-year-old told us: "I’ve chosen KSL clinic and Dr Matee for this procedure as I’ve heard so much about them, I’ve had friends that have had procedures and also other celebrities, and the outcome has been amazing."

Christopher said he's keen to highlight the issues with travelling abroad for cosmetic surgery, and has filmed television programmes in the past on botched surgery, one of which is still to air.

He added: "It’s the hairline I’ve always wanted. Dr Matee was so easy to talk to and understood exactly what I wanted and made me aware that the fact I had many previous procedures, extra care needed to be taken.

"It's the first time a surgeon and team has properly listened to what I want and need."

Dr Matee added: "It is unusual for a patient to undergo so many hair transplants. Poor outcomes can be due to many reasons and it is the job of the surgeon to ensure those risks are minimised.

"With Christopher we had to work with a limited donor area and a recipient area that had been extensively scarred. Despite the difficulty we expect him to achieve good results."

Having been through so many botched procedures in the past, Christopher was keen to do his research ahead of what he hoped is his final hair transplant.

Christopher Maloney says depression 'in remission' thanks to brain shock treatment
He convinced his partner Gary Doarn to have the same procedure (Image: Chris Maloney)
He said: "Having been through so many surgeries and botched hair transplants, it’s taken a lot for me to come to KSL clinic today."

Christopher also talked his partner Gary Doarn into having the same operation to gain confidence after losing his mother two weeks ago. The total cost for the day was £12,000.


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This man frightens me Bullitnut. He needs professional help before he does something that he will never recover from. I read the article you posted and did a quick Google search to see how his hair has changed. What are your thoughts on his changing hairline Bullit?
Before and after pictures showing how his hair has changed and a picture with the Doctor from his recent surgery.




4 awesome repairs with SMG
Yeah I agree he needs counselling or something dude....regarding his hairline I honestly don't understand why he feels he needs more work...i'm summising it has to be down to his mental health because his hair looks awesome in the middle pic you posted unless theres issues we can't see?.....I'm also concerned that he's gonna have made a step backwards by having this latest surgery.

I hope I'm proved wrong for the sake of his health and that his latest venture under the knife is a success but I'm not holding my breath.

Shame the Kyle show got cancelled would have been good to see his hair on TV properly instead of just pictures.