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Clinics in turkey YES OR NO ?



Hi iv not been on this forum for a good few years now but I'm really considering getting a hair transplant, iv always admired dr bisanga, dr feriduni and dr ball in the uk but since contacting them they are a little out of my price range, a lot of people i know are telling me there friends work collogues etc have had them done in turkey very cheap ( roughly £3500 for around 3000 grafts fue ) has anybody had any hair transplants done over in turkey and are they good ? if so which clinics would you advise to look into ?


Staff member
Check out the results from Turkish clinics on this forum and ask questions to the patients in the patient results section who have gone to Turkey.
There are many clinics or black market clinics out there that will promise you everything and leave you with poor results in need of repair.
Take your time researching. If you can’t find a clinic you like which is in your price range, maybe wait a little longer and save more cash up.
The important thing is, don’t rush into anything, research as much as possible, look for good and bad reviews.


BHR Clinic Patient Advisor
Often it is a false economy. I know of patients having the above graft amounts and it is all over and done in a few hours, multiple technicians punching or drilling away at the same time and then placing the grafts with zero to little actual doctor input.

We would do the same amount over two days and it actually costs less per hour and you have a doctor punching the grafts and cutting recipient sites and not just left to multiple techs to do the A to Z.

Research and meet patients and ask a lot of questions because most of the repair work we do from these clinics, the patient asked zero questions and trusted it all on flashy marketing and celeb endorsements and not on an organic depth of results and online presence, patient history, genuine testimonies etc that established clinics have. Some come and go vey fast and your UK point of contact also can be gone in a flash, I know as this is what I have had reported to me from patients who have been stung and the twitter accounts and all contact gone.

Not having a hair transplant is far better than having a poor one. Take care and all the best in your decision.


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I personally had a great initial experience @cosmedica with Dr Acar, but the proof is in the pudding and I will be posting my results (Good or bad) when they come through in the coming months. Hopefully it will prove Turkey can be a good option.