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Close to Human Hair Wig Brand: Oq Hair



What is the magic of OQ hair?

OQ Hair relies on its wig factory to provide high-quality wigs for black girls. 100 human hair wigs guarantee the quality of OQ hair and determine the lifespan of their wigs. The variety of human hair not only allows for variety and fashion in styling but also ensures the naturalness of the wig.

oq beyonce wig
oq beyonce wig

Why select OQ human hair wigs?

*Quality products

OQ Hair provides high quality 100 human hair wigs for each black wearer through the techniques, workers, and factors to offer professional and quality human hair wigs for black wearers.

*Affordable price

The price of human hair wigs in Isee hair is more affordable than other brands, various types of OQ human hair wigs can be earned at an affordable price, especially at the clearance or big sales.

*Pretty service

Including 24hrs shipping, excellent shipping experience, ordering services, etc., to build a world brand, OQ Hair provides customers with warm services.


Every girl wants to have a stylish hairstyle that can be changed at will. For every woman, OQ hair is a brand worth choosing because a variety of styles can be chosen, whether luxurious or restrained.

With the concept of quality and integrity, OQ hair provides high-quality human hair to their customers, while insisting on providing perfect services, which also makes their brand loved and trusted by customers.