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Conflicting answers by different clinics, what are your thoughts?



I'm not happy with my transplant (done in Natural Hair Turkey),details can be found in my other threads.

I've been in touch with AEK (Dr. Karadeniz) because of good reviews in this forum.

Whilst other clinics (eg, ASMED) demand a 12 months wait to consider a hair transplant, AEK said 6 months is enough. Is this a red flag? Or not necessarily? Tbh I'd be relieved to fix my first transplant as early as possible. I really not keen on waiting 12 months with a weird hair.

Also, they don't seem to use microscope (again, as opposed to ASMED),but magnifying lenses instead. Again not sure if this is a red flag. I do know they have good results, and the dr. is accredited by some associations (American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery and International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery). Should this be enough to give me peace of mind?

Also, most these well established clinics and accredited doctors do not use DHI technique. This is something almost exclusively cheaper clinics advertise as the most modern technique / with fastest recovery. Or it this just my impression?

What are your opinions on this?
I screwed my hair transplant once. I don't want to do it again.


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From what I've read on patient timelines they all waited at least a year before getting another.