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Considering having a Hair Transplant- Is that too extreme and expensive?

My hair has been getting thinner over the years. Also, patchy spots have developed due to hair loss.. I have tried literally every hair growth solution and treatments. Most products, name it iv tried it. None has had any success. Any success is purely physiological as i was desperate to see any strands that may of appeared. Ultimately nothing has made my hair grow back and iv come to accept it....When I go out with my wife, to parties, bars, meetings with clients I have found a solution that works for me perfectly. It is a temporary hair colorant that I simply use to brush over my thinning and patchy areas in my hair. It covers those areas and makes me look like I have a full head of hair. It lasts all day and does not come up. I don't think this would be for everyone as you literally have to apply it everyday or the days you wish to have a full head of hair and then have to wash it out in the evenings but it does the job for me! I buy there products from my local hair store and I think they are stocked in hair stores all around the country. Take a look:- HairBlend Filler

Now on to my dilemma...Do you think I should continue using HairBlend Filler or actually have a Hairs Transplant....

I have attached pictures of how HairBlend Filler disguises my baldness and thinning hair- How would a transplant compare?

Can people advise pros and cons for both?




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That looks pretty good... Only you can decide if a hair transplant is for you. Have you tried finasteride and Rogaine? They are the best things out there.
Yes mate, used rogaine and finasteride for years, no good. Iv been using 'HairBlend Filler' for about a year and it is perfect but its just that I have to brush it on every morning and with a Transplant I guess I will have my hair back for life.

How much does a transplant cost, does it actually work?


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How long were you on Finasteride? Usually, it will prevent or slow right down any further hair loss allowing you to keep what hair you have but for some, it doesn`t work. As Bullitnut says, it is your decision if you decide you want a hair transplant. You need to research them, look at results from similar hair loss patterns to yours. Your donor hair will need to be assessed by a doctor to see if you have enough to achieve your goals. Hair transplants vary in price from clinic to clinic and location. They do work, look at the patient results posted on this forum. The decision to have one should not be taken lightly, things can and do go wrong which I why I suggest you research more on the subject.

That hair filler covers your head well. It looks similar to SMP which could be an option for you.

Have you any pictures of your donor area? Back and sides of your head.

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