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Contemplating like many others



I am sure if I look through enough posts I can find the information, but I was wondering where seems to be the top few clinics to have a hair transplant based on people experiences. You read so many varying opinions, and I'm never sure how true some are.


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Just my opinion on this is that you need to decide on a few things which will make your choice easier.

UK or Abroad
How many graphs you need/want
Hairline designs
After care service.

From my HT I had a budget and the fact I only wanted 1 HT not frontal third and then have to go back in a years time for the crown. I did have my mind set on going to Belgium but my job and the fact that Covid got halted these plans which helped me to research more for a reputable UK surgeon. I did have to increase my budget but I managed to get what I wanted in 1 HT and the fact I was back home in my own bed within 3 hours and the after care support I have recieved has been top class so far.

Like people have said on here before research is everything.


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Everyone will have a different opinion on top clinics. I believe most people who do their own research will narrow the clinics down to a handful, then they will interact with patients from these clinics before deciding.
One thing that is rife in the industry now is people working covertly to overly promote clinics.
What is your current hair loss situation?