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CORRECTIVE HAIR TRANSPLANT: after failed cosmesis of punch grafting

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Eugenix Hair Sciences

Eugenix Hair Sciences

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We describe a case study of 50 yrs old person who did hair transplant (in the past he had done punch grafting hair transplant in 2005 somewhere else) with us 5 years ago. We did FUE of 5000 grafts and gave coverage to frontal and mid-scalp. Second, sitting: he was happy but wanted to cover the crown also. He was also amazed at beard healing and the results of beard transplant. 3 years ago: he was happy with the coverage. He wanted to do something for the punch scars in the donor. So we did scalp micro pigmentation, SMP. 1.5 years ago: he was very happy albeit the sparse coverage of the crown Learnings: If beard has good characteristics then it can serve as an excellent source for coverage of the baldness. Despite poor scalp donor, meticulous extraction and an intelligent mixture of scalp and beard can provide visually satisfying coverage