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COVID-19: Message from Dr. Christian Bisanga (Founder of BHR Clinic)



BHR Clinic Patient Advisor

With travel restrictions now being placed not only in Europe but worldwide, and the subsequent disruptions, we are committed to continuing our relationship with patients and those seeking assistance.So, as you are unable to come to us, we want to ensure you that we will be able to come to you, and accessibility to our online services will be expanding in order to fulfil our commitment to you.

At present we are fulfilling this with the use of technology, firstly via emails and WhatsApp, our first line communication with the patient or those seeking advice or surgery will have no change in that way.

However, we are now giving additional support, so that during this period, and in a changing world, we will seek to be constant. Nothing will change with our commitment to excellent customer service, advice, teaching information, assessment and re-assurance.

So, with our online presence of social media and the related platforms, we will be giving apt, timely, accurate and helpful information to you.

We will be launching a live question and answer time whereby you can have one to one contact with Dr.Bisanga and have your questions and concerns answered, as well as launching newsletters, educational videos and posts, patient results and testimonies, but furthermore a chance to have a virtual video consultation to assess your case personally and suitability for surgery. This will be free of charge and without obligation yet very informative and convenient for you to participate in.

So, stay safe, watch this space and keep in contact with us and let us know how we can serve you through this period and beyond.
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