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David Beckham



Hi guys
Just a question
Can you get this look if you have a hair transplant
I think his haircut looks cool
I've had 3 hair transplants and have cut my hair short like this in the past but you can always see the strip scars and the transplants stand out a mile, ie the hair transplants are more courser and the angles don't lay flat, they stick upwards like a toothbrush.

David Bechham going bald.png


Staff member
Options you have. Gel the hair down. Spike it all up to disguise the troublesome grafts. The scar will be on show unless you have grafts inserted into it, SMP it or try some sort of concealer which I don`t think will work well.


He must have been using hair fibers until recently when you compare this picture to ones not that long ago. I wonder if he knows about Propecia, that could stop him heading towards a total bald head.