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Dev - 2759 FUSE grafts in 2 sessions (8 month update)

Dr. A s Clinic

Dr. A s Clinic

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Patient nickname - Dev

Dev plans to go ahead with his transplant in stages, using beard and scalp hair extracted by the FUSE/fue technique. His aim is to go in a gradual fashion without any drastic changes.

Graft details : Total 2759 FUSE grafts in 2 sessions.

1st session Feb 2008 - 710 scalp + 419 beard (1129 grafts)

2nd session March 2009 941 scalp + 689 beard (1630 grafts)

Total scalp grafts = 1651
Total beard grafts = 1108

A comparison

Beard donor area picture (immediately after extraction)

Beard donor area picture ( 2 months after extraction)

After 6.5 months picture

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Looking good with that many grafts.His beard donor area looks good also.

Be great to see the final outcome.

Thanks bm.