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DHI Scotland Clinic - 844 Graft - DHI Method



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This 26-year old patient had 844 grafts equating to 1562 hairs transplanted in 3 hours by the DHI Glasgow Clinic team.


  • DHI Hair Transplant.PNG
    DHI Hair Transplant.PNG
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  • DHI Hair Transplant 1.PNG
    DHI Hair Transplant 1.PNG
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  • DHI Hair Transplant 2 (2).PNG
    DHI Hair Transplant 2 (2).PNG
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  • DHI Hair Transplant 3.PNG
    DHI Hair Transplant 3.PNG
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  • DHI Hair Transplant 4.PNG
    DHI Hair Transplant 4.PNG
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  • DHI Hair Transplant5.PNG
    DHI Hair Transplant5.PNG
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For such a small amount of grafts his entire profile has changed for the better. This has taken years of his appearance.