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Do hair transplants hurt?



Elton John came up on my Google news feed today discussing how he had undergone two hair transplants. He described them as hurting like hell which is rather worrisome.
Do they hurt?

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Pete from Farjo

Pete from Farjo

Valued member
I've had multiple procedures over twenty years and can honestly say that the only really painful parts were the initial anaesthetic injections. Each time I was surprised how little pain there was in the days following. Co-codamol was enough to manage things.


4 awesome repairs with SMG
Hey dude, I've had several transplants and in all honesty I would say it depends on where you go and how experienced the clinic/doctor is. My first UK butcherings were agonizing and very stressful... but when I went for my repair work at Shapiro Medical the whole experience was painless......even the Anaesthetic wasn't painful at SMG as they used some sort of wheel device to administer the anaesthetic that reduced the pain.

That being said I'm confident that if you go with the clinics who post on here you will be fine as they are all experienced in proper anaesthetic administration.

I agree with Pete too when he said he managed on co co codamol for the days following his HT as I did as well and it wasnt too bad at all. The strip surgeries I had were a little more uncomfortable post op but I wouldnt say they were painful.

All in all I've had more painful experiences at the dentist so I really wouldnt worry about the pain aspect of a HT as you will be fine dude.


Prohairclinic FUE and SMP
I had several procedures and I have spoken to hundreds of patients as an advisor.

First of all, when it comes to my personal experience:
What comes to my mind is that FUT is FAR more painfull when the numbing agent stop working compared to FUE. The pain after FUT last much longer and can be very intense. FUE is like a walk in the park when comparing pain post-treatment in my personal experience.

As for the pain during the treatment, there should be NONE.

If the dr. performs the local numbing correctly there is really nothing one can feel in terms of pain sensation.
Yes, there are big differences in the way patient perceives the pain caused by administering the local numbing. This is partially due to the 'hands' of the dr and also some issues with the type of numbing that is used.