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Does Microneedling have any hair loss benefits?



My girlfriend was looking at getting her lips done last week and mentioned to me that the clinic she visits does microneedling for hair loss. Does this work and whats involved?


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Some say that micro needling can help with the absorption of Minoxidil but i haven't seen any major studies or any real evidence that it can reverse or improve MPB on it's own dude. The thought behind it is that apparently it can help induce stem cells in the scalp that leads to hair growth.....if it benefits anyone at all i bet it's by improving blood flow and that's all.

I know that some hair loss companies that sell products also sell micro rollers.....Foligain is one such company. Personally i think it won't benefit men as we all know MPB is associated with DHT....whether it can help women with minor thinning i'm still on the fence dude.


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