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Does regular sweating long term (not immediately after) effect the quality of a procedure?



4 awesome repairs with SMG
Ok so I have a very close friend who has this treatment and it looks insanely good and natural to me....He asked me for advice regarding exercise and sweating the other day....he wanted to know whether it will dramatically effect his result in terms of both fading and ink Bleeding/blurring....Hes one of the few people I know personally who knows about my situation and knows that I'm an avid reader of the forums so that's why he asked my opinion I'm guessing......He's had the procedure around a year and has Hyperhidrosis so sweats a lot anyway.... He says wants to start going to a gym because hes over weight ( I dont think he is though).

Problem is this will likely make him sweat a lot more and he's worried it will effect his SMP and asked my opinion and thoughts .....To be honest I told him I wasnt sure as I'm no expert but i did explain I'd seen a few posts on this forum from people mentioning sweating making it worse...
I'm not 100 percent on whether I agree with this hypothesis and I'm of the impression that if the Hyperhidrosis hasn't made it fade then the gyms unlikely to make it worse?
Any providers or professionals have an opinion on sweating down the line and whether it will drastically effect the SMP?