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Donor cosmesis after Hair Transplantation at Eugenix, by Drs Arika and Pradeep

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Eugenix Hair Sciences

Eugenix Hair Sciences

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We, at Eugenix Hair Sciences, pay utmost attention to the cosmosis of the donor. Therefore, we always strive to take the grafts from the donor in a manner where there is no evidence of the extraction after the procedure. The donor looks the same after a few months as it had looked before extraction. The meticulous attention, diligence, the use of the finest punches, the strategic extraction from the permanent zone, the experience and skill set that we have garnered over the years with more than 6000 patients have helped us in preserving the aesthetics of the donor. The donor in the end looks like as if nothing has been extracted from it. Please subscribe to our channel and ring the bell icon to keep yourselves updated with our videos. We shall be continuously posting new and scientific videos which will help all the patients gain better insight into the hair transplant procedures.