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Dr. Acar - Cosmedica 4100 Graft Hair Restoration

Cosmedica Clinic

Cosmedica Clinic

Cosmedica UK
Dr. Acar - Cosmedica 4100 Graft Hair Restoration

-Age of the patient: 32 years

-Norwood: 2

Result after: 6 months

Total grafts: 4100

Singlegrafts: 1250
Doublegrafts: 1520
Triplegrafts: 830 grafts
Multiple: 500 grafts

Method used:

- Micro FUE motor
- Incisions made beforehand with the sapphire blade
- Extraction: 0.60 mm - 0.65 mm
- Hair diameter (temporal, parietal, occipital): 50-55-55 Micron
- The process lasted a day
- After surgery, the treatment lasts 1 year
- Treatment: 1 year of the hair power pack (Anti-hair loss shampoo, Biotin, Multivitamin, Saw Palmetto)





Valued member
Super result Mike. (I’m assuming it’s Mike )

How many operations a day are usually done at Cosmedica? Seeing lots of good results from the clinic but there’s always the fear that you don’t know what team you will get if you go there.

Are the incisions always done by a Doc?