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Dr Acar - Cosmedica Istanbul - 3010 Grafts

Cosmedica Clinic

Cosmedica Clinic

Cosmedica UK
Dr Acar - Cosmedica Istanbul - 3010 Grafts

History of patient :

Afro, curly hair

Hair transplant - FUE method[size=

Age : 27 years

Norwood : 3A

Result after: 1 year

Grafts total : 3010

690 singles
1810 doubles
390 triples
120 multiples

Method used:

[b][/b]Micro motor fue

Punch : 0.8mm - 0.9mm

Treatment: Finasterid 1mg, one tablet daily + Biotin 5mg, one tablet daily

Hair diameter 55-60-65 microns (temporal, parietal and occipital.

Before surgery

Immediate post op

1 Year post op

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4 awesome repairs with SMG
That looks great. Out of interest does it take any longer to perform a HT procedure with this type of hair (due to the curly nature)
Well done and thanks for sharing.


Valued member
Solid result, good job by doc n staff, are you on any meds,about how many grafts u have left in reserve .


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WoW that is a brilliant result for this young man love the design and totally natural looking congratulations to the Patient and the Team ¬b`