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Dr. Acar - Cosmedica Istanbul: 4000 FUE

Cosmedica Clinic

Cosmedica Clinic

Cosmedica UK
Dr. Acar - Cosmedica Istanbul: 4000 FUE

Patient History: -
Age of the patient: 28 years
Norwood: 4

Result after: 1 Year
Graft total: 4000

960 Single
800 Double
1050 Triples
190 Multiple

Method used:

Micro FUE engine.

Punch: 0.8-0.9 mm.

Diameter of the hair (temporal, parietal, occipital): 50-55-60 Micron

incision realized by the technique of lateral slit + PRP

1 Day surgery
Treatment: Finasteride
1mg per day

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4 awesome repairs with SMG
The work this gentleman has received looks really good from what i can see dude (pics are a little small thats all;)),He looks to have got really good growth and the end result looks very nice indeed.
Taken years off the guy. ¬b`
Cosmedica Clinic

Cosmedica Clinic

Cosmedica UK
Thank you BN. We are getting some amazing results however we limited because some guys don't want their results shown but believe me we have lots of exciting results and indeed news to share very soon. I hope that you guys can attend our 2018 UK Seminar this year? Details to be released soon.