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Dr Arvind



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Dr. (ex-Capt) Arvind Poswal

Dr. Arvind Poswal, MBBS (AFMC),MIMA, is widely regarded as one of the best hair transplant surgeons in the world. He is the inventor of the FUSE technique and instrumentation and has pioneered many of the latest advances in hair restoration surgeries.

He is the world`s first doctor to perform beard hair to scalp transplant by fue (in Feb 2006),thus, making available a new donor resource for patients suffering from hair loss. Experienced in fue, BHT, strip, triclosure and repair procedures, he has freely shared his knowledge with other hair transplant doctors worldwide.

Apart from being the most versatile among the hair transplant surgeons, he is passionate and precise in his work and keeps the best long term interest of his patients in mind when planning & performing hair restoration.
For him, each hair transplant is a piece of art.

He joined the prestigious Armed Forces Medical College, Pune in 1986 and upon completion of his medical studies was commissioned in the Army Medical Corps as a doctor officer.

While in Army, he was recommended for the Para commandos on account of his discipline, enthusiasm and leadership qualities.

During his tenure in Army Medical Corps, he got wide exposure to dermatologic conditions and surgeries including for vitiligo, burns and hair diseases.

After leaving the army, he established Dr.A`s clinic in 1997 and has performed hair restoration procedures since.

Dr. Arvind Poswal has been featured on nationwide TV channels on numerous occasions including Kuch, Diiil Se, hosted by Smriti Irani. A past patient of the clinic was interviewed in front of a live audience and doctors from Apollo and Escorts hospitals.

Live surgeries have been televised as well as patients interviewed on various news TV channels.
Dr. Arvind Poswal continues to train and teach doctors from the USA as well as India, some of whom now work alongside him.

Dr, Arvind Poswal has contributed tirelessly towards patient education about the latest techniques in hair restoration.

His educational articles have featured in various leading newspapers and magazines.
From time to time, his papers have been published in peer reviewed, indexed medical journal the prestigious Indian Journal of Dermatology.

His ideas of graft estimation and hair transplant planning are now widely practiced by leading clinics world over.

Dr. Arvind Poswal is a family oriented person and prefers to spend his nonworking hours with his family.

His hobbies include jogging, cross country hiking, camping, chess, painting, cooking, reading and meditation.

His motto in his own words. I yearn not to associate my name with any procedure or technique but rather with an era in which rapid progress occurred on all possible fronts in the field of hair restoration.


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1st HT - 1000 fuht grafts in hairline.
2nd HT - 1750 FUHT grafts in crown.

He had his 1st HT of 1000 FUHT grafts transplanted to the hairline.

Leo visited our clinic 8 months after his 1st HT for his 2nd HT.
These pictures are from that time.

(Why Leo chose to go for 2 HTs when the same could have been done in a single surgery ?! - His personal choice.) He wanted to see the results in the hairline area first and then proceed to the crown area



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Great write up Bigmac. I have always looked at Dr. Arvind as a great surgeon and essentially one of the only options for those suffering from hairloss in India. Although I am not necessarily sold on BHT yet, it is certainly nice to have surgeons that always strive for betterment in the profession. He is a great addition to this site.



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I copied it from Dr A`s website with V`s permission.

It is a good write up and very interesting reading about how Dr Arvind got involved with hair transplants.