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Dr. Baubac Cases - video with comb through

Dr. Baubac Rep

Dr. Baubac Rep

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Dr. Baubac Cases - video with comb through

This patient had 3,539 grafts + PRP in September of 2018 with Dr. Baubac to restore his hairline, frontal region and mid scalp. The patient was a NW5 and came to Alvi Armani Beverly Hills because of the high density Dr. Baubac achieves and the amount of area Dr. Baubac can cover in one session with a large amount of grafts. This video was filmed in July 2019, the patient is just 9 months post op in this video and comb thru and is only at 70% growth and at 70% the final result in the video, but the result and transformation is already stunning.



Bless him he sounds so happy now, great genuine video and an outstanding transplant.