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Dr. Baubac - patient video testimonial 3,000 graft FUE Result

Dr. Baubac Rep

Dr. Baubac Rep

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Dr. Baubac - patient testimonial 3,000 graft FUE Result

This patient had 3,000 grafts FUE with Dr. Baubac in our Beverly Hills Clinic to completely restore his hairline, temples and frontal region. The patient talks about his experience and his result



Outstanding! When you were talking in the video and the picture showed up to your right showing how you looked before the operation i couldn't believe the transformation. Some providers videos showing patient testimonials on You tube are cringe worthy and make me super suspicious. For me this one is different because i can here the sincerity in your voice and it shows just how happy your are that you went to Dr Baubac, and rightly so.