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Dr Bhatti 3223 Grafts, Wonderful Journey



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Right, where do I start. I`m a 53 year old normal English bloke from the North East of England. I started losing my hair really bad during my mid to late 30s and it hit me real real hard. I always looked after myself trying to look the best I could. The hair loss was a shattering blow to me and gradually knocked my confidence straight out until I was an empty shell of the person I used to be. Looking back now, I can't believe how low I had got. I'd shunned most of my old mates and had become a recluse. I'm very lucky to have had my family and especially my missus by my side who has always been my rock otherwise God knows where I would have ended up.

Naturally, my family saw the change in me too and my dad especially was concerned. Concerned to the extent he actually left me money in his will to specifically get my barnet sorted, top fella he was, bless his soul.

I didn't have a clue which way to turn and it was just by chance one of my old mates visited me at home and I kind of spilled the beans as to why I`d become so socially withdrawn and all. Anyway big Al chirped up and mentioned a couple of local footy lads had come back from getting their hair sorted by a Dr Tajinda Bhatti in India and were now nearly a year later back to full heads of hair. Elvis and the Fonz the locals now called them, my mate said. So I asked him to speak with them and get some details and low and behold a couple of days later he comes back with a number of the UK guy who was to become my saviour, Shera online I`m sure he is known as.
So I give Shera a call (used the freephone number of the site) and we have a real sound chat. Finally I was speaking with someone who knew exactly where I was coming from. I sent him some pics which he shared with Dr Bhatti and he gets back to me on whatsapp and email telling me I'll need about 2500 grafts from my head and a further 700 odd from my beard and chest for sorting my hairline, temples, midscalp and crown area. I spoke with him again a good few times and always he was very helpful and no pressure. Really sound honest guy.

I spoke with the missus in depth and we went and met up with Elvis and the Fonz. They both spoke highly of Dr Bhatti and the whole setup so now I was more or less convinced. I spoke with your man Shera again and told him I wanted to go but I never had a clue how to get there, I had never been out of Europe before. But no worries, Shera says he`ll sort everything. He paid for the flights and the visa and I sorted him. He also sorted the hotel and the airport transfers. All I did was to turn up at the airport with me passport, just made it all so easy, service was top class.

So all excited I got to India and Chandigarh which was a breeze in the end. Met up with Dr Bhatti again a lovely fella totally put me at ease and we even cracked a few jokes together. We discussed my balding pattern and the planned surgery which was more or less as planned but he said he would try to get as many scalp grafts as he could to reduce the number of beard and chest grafts, which was well sound cause, to be honest, I was quite dreading that and hopefully he would save me a few quid.

So the day of surgery, I was the only patient for the day so I think I had Dr Bhatti and about 15 staff waiting on me, unreal. Apart from the pin pricks during the injections I didn't really feel a thing and nodded off for most of it. The beard injections were not as bad as I thought and the chest was a breeze. It was a really long day and in the end I got 2667 grafts from my scalp and 556 from my beard and chest, Can't remember doubles and trebles and seem to have mislaid the paper I was given. It was a really long day but I was really well looked after, proper 5 star very humbling and emotional experience for a normal bloke like me. Finally got back to the hotel where a lovely tray of fresh fruit was waiting for me with a card from my missus. Apparently my missus had rang Shera and asked him to sort this out which he did for free.

So it was about 7pm when I got back to my room and shortly after, Shera called me and asked how I was. I actually broke down such was the emotion in me, unbelievable, couldn`t believe what I had just done, I was elated standing tall and proud. I stayed in Chandigarh for another 3 nights visiting the clinic the next day for a change of dressing and some washing advice and then just for a wash and a quick chat with Dr Bhatti if I caught him unawares. Had been given my own personal driver so why not.

Altogether the whole experience was just so overwhelming from the first chat I had with Shera and it's all had a massive positive effect on me. I'm back to my best, out and about, back on the scene proper and even travel long haul destinations with the missus. I just got back from Vietnam and Thailand and life couldn't be better. Oh, and I got my barnet back too. I'm proper made up, a better person living what until recently seemed like a far off dream.

Hopefully my story will help get at least one person in a similar position as I was off his arse and do something positive about it. Special thanks to my missus for helping me with this review and the upcoming pics. Thanks again to Dr Bhatti, Shera and the Darling Buds team, you guys are the best.

And here s the piccies.
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Hey Mate
Just read your story was like hanging on to every word , congratulations on your results as well your hair looks great and your life certainly sounds like its number 1 again;) , am sure your going to help a lot people out their thanks again .
All the very best