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Dr. Bisanga BHR Clinic, 1800 FUE Hairline Repair 0 - 7.5 Months



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Firstly, thank you to the patient for providing the photos and for his permission to use his case and share his experience pictorially.
The patient had previous surgeries and wanted to add density and more symmetry to the hairline whilst slightly lowering it.
Dr. Bisanga was able to achieve these objectives with 1800 grafts, being able to lower and blend and work back through the previous work.
The patient has experienced very fast and impressive growth so far and kindly provided photos at 7.5 months. We will continue to post as the result develops through to the 12 month period.

Graft/Hair Breakdown:-

1s = 285 = 285 Hairs
2s = 479 = 952 Hairs
3s = 760 = 2280 Hairs
4s = 276 = 1104 Hairs
Total - 1800 grafts / 4621 Hairs / 2.5 Average



3 Months Quote "Looking great already, gaps are closing and hair line is looking good"

5 Months Quote "DR.B work is really becoming noticeable now, the gaps filling and hair line lowering"

7 Months Quote "Assymetry had been put right and the gaps are improving all the time. Excellent work I feel".

7.5 Months

Close up wet at 7.5 months "Straight out of the pool"

Comparison 7.5 Months



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He has had very nice growth for 7.5 months. Hairline is looking very natural and dense. I see from his pre op that he was thin over most of his scalp. Is he using any hair loss meds to strengthen these areas?


Ni9ce work!!! Do you have more posts of removal plugs?


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Thanks Bigmac.
The patient was using finasteride pre surgery and has continued with that regimen.

Sasahi - we will continue to provide further repair cases in the coming months as well as Dr. Bisangas previous results which you can find in Dr. Bisangas results tread -
The majority of our more recent repair cases are from previously poor FUE surgery with inappropriate hairline designs, poor density, multiples in hairline etc as opposed to more dated plugs. Unless you are referring to removal of multiple pluggy follicles in the hairline.

It was very kind of this patient to allow us to share his case and keep us constantly updated on his evolution. Many repair patients have been through a very complicated and challenging journey and so therefore oftentimes prefer to keep their case private and prefer not to share photos publicly, which is understandable.

This patient had 4 previous surgeries before coming to BHR and so he has put himself in the chair on several occasions also, which isn't always easy, so again, we have much appreciation for this patient.


The thin hair loss pattern supports he was on the higher side of Norwood level. Was he bald before the others? His repair is focused on hairline and temple to which I am thinking he was not happy with the appearance. There is no doubt that this hairline is good after #5 surgery. One last question: is his strip scar visible when the hair is longer?


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Hopefully, the Finasteride works well for him. It was nice that the patient updated and gave you permission to use his pictures. He has had a long journey with 5 surgeries to reach this stage.
I`m sure he is very satisfied right now.