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Dr. Bisanga, BHR Clinic, 2022 FUE

BHR Clinic

BHR Clinic

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BHR Clinic
Dr. Christian BISANGA
Age: 30
Technique: FUE
Medication: No
Hair Caliber: Medium
Total FU used:- 2022

* FU breakdown:-
1s 459
2s 737
3s 826
TOTAL: 2022

That means 2022 FU = 4411 Hairs. Average = 2,18 hairs/FU.

The goal of this surgery was to rebuild hairline and temples of the patient where there was an evident recession.

Pre-Post surgery

12 Days

1,5 Months

3 Months

4 Months

6 Months



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I have been following this result for some time on another forum. Very impressive. Patient is obviously thrilled.