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Dr. Bisanga, BHR Clinic, 2502 FUE

BHR Clinic

BHR Clinic

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BHR Clinic

Dr. Christian BISANGA

Age: 28

Technique: FUE

Medication: No

Donor densities: 70-80 FUs/cm2

Hair Caliber: Medium Fine

Total FU used:- 2502

* FU breakdown:-

1s 400

2s 789

3s 1085

4s 228

TOTAL: 2502

That means 2502 FU = 6145 Hairs. Average = 2,45 hairs/FU.

The goal of this surgery was to rebuild the whole frontal area. The pictures show the result at 7 months so we expect more hair and caliber/volume within the next months.

Pre-Post surgery

3 Weeks

7 Months

Comparison 0-7 Months



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Hes come a long way in 7 months. Looks great as always!