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Dr. Bisanga BHR Clinic, 2570 FUE - Hairline Repair 0 - 9 months



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A young patient who had surgery in another clinic that resulted in an unnatural, see through and pluggy hair line.

Dr. Bisanga refined this by camouflaging and adding density throughout and blending back into native hair, and the result at 9 months is already very good and life changing for the patient kindly provided these photos.

He has expressed how happy he is with his result already, and provided the quote below.

Patient quote "Honestly, I was going to be lazy and not reply until the 12 month mark, but the results have been incredible. Dr. Bisanga rectified the past surgeons mistake and really made the hairline look natural and not pluggy. The attached photos are without my hair being shampooed for 2+ days. Usually, I would shampoo everyday to mask the previous poor transplant. But, growth has been too great to care."

A big thank you to the patient who kindly provided these photos for us, and allowed us to post his case and hoepfully will be able to provide more at the 12 month stage with better quality images.

Graft/Hair Totals

1s 404 = 404 hairs
2s 738 = 1476 hairs
3s 1228 =3684 hairs
4s 200 = 800 hairs

Total - 2570 grafts /6364 hairs / 2.47 average hair per follicle






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Nice repair work. His density looks as though it matches his native hair. How many grafts per cm2 were placed in his hairline?
In his result pictures the hairline looks lower/different than the transplanted hairline picture but this will be due to his hair being longer, especially at the temple points where it fluffs out.
He must have been thinning behind his hairline looking at the graft placement. This was not obvious in his before pictures.
Is he using any hair loss prevention regime that you know of?

Overall, he looks good, you’d never know he has any hair loss issues. No wonder he is happy.
Well done Dr Bisanga and the team.


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This reminds me what my hair looked like when I was a youngun, great outcome for this guy.


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Thanks @Bigmac and @Kevboy

Hairline density was placed around 45- 50 follicles per cm2, but the challenge with this case was that as Dr. Bisanga was working into areas that had previously been worked in and therefore was non-virgin scalp, we needed to find the right balance for density to not create too much competition for blood that may have had any negative impact on yield.
Whilst considering density, one great and important advantage that this patient had was his strong hair groupings in his donor area. You can see from his graft breakdown that he had an impressive ratio of 3 hair grafts, which really increased his average hair groupings, well above the average patient, which no doubt reinforced and strengthened his result behind the hairline and moving back into his native hair.

We ensure to place just in front of and on top of the drawn design as the perceived design for the patient is always the lower edge of the design. As you can see from the post surgery images, Dr. Bisanga moved further back into areas of native hair to really assist this transitional zone that only further reinforces the frontal restoration, but also offers more longevity into areas where the patient had experienced some slight thinning.

The patient was not using any hair loss preventative medication at the time of surgery, and to our knowledge has not begun any regimen since.


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Has he tried the medication route before and given up because of negative effects?


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The patient had his own reasons for not using medication.
Whilst medication is obviously a very important factor for many patients, in this particular case, it was clear that the patient needed repair surgery regardless of medication, as his previous result and appearance was not at all natural.


wow great transformation, was looking really dodgy before the transplant but now looking great, incredible outcome