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Dr. Bisanga - U.S. Consultations - Princeton, New Jersey - October 26-30, 2020



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BHR clinic and Dr. Bisanga are excited to be able to announce upcoming consultation dates in the United States.

In an effort to stay accessible to all of his patients, Dr. Bisanga will be in Princeton, New Jersey on October 26 - 30. These dates present a great opportunity to have your hair loss examined including donor density measurements, check for miniaturisation, hair characteristics and hair grouping, potential future loss, candidacy for surgery, design, graft numbers etc...

Consultations have limited availability and so we would encourage you to reach out and inform us of your interest at your earliest convenience.

Dr. Bisanga looks forward to meeting you.


BHR Clinic Patient Advisor
Great opportunity to be seen and I sincerely hope it is well attended and no Covid issues this time!