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Dr Bruno Ferreira - 3569 grafts - 07&08 September



Was the aloe a gel or spray?
It was gel that doctor gave me, I keep it in fridge and apply it about 2-3 times a day on recipient, dont feel like I need to touch my donor anymore as it seems completely healed

I had my first haircut today boys and I think it looks amazing, I asked barber to go with slightly bigger guard and it was 3mm, next time I will try 2.5 to see if there is any difference. My donor looks completely healed and no scarring is visible, no thin spots aswell. Havent touched top of the hair at all. Also third pic. doesnt want to rotate for some reason haha.
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Everything looks right on track at this stage. You have healed well. Your donor looks good, the barber did a good job with the cut. I see the odd pimple which is nothing to worry about. A warm damp compress helps to clear them up.


Aloe is one of nature’s greatest healing agents. Your appearance is pretty normal looking now.