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DR. DORIN - Buzz cut FUE - 1500 grafts

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True and Dorin Medical Group

True and Dorin Medical Group

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We get patients from time to time that prefer an extremely short hairstyle.

With this in mind, I wanted to post this to show how that appears. The main concern with a shorter level is evidence of scarring on top & donor-wise.

As you can see we achieve nice healing in both regions. Have to give some credit to PRP injection during surgery and liposomal ATP care. Dr. Dorin also customizes the recipient blades to accomodate each graft size ( grafts microscopically prepared) so there is no pitting or cobblestoning.

For optimal volume we do recommend some length to the hair to allow for layering but it's nice for patients to have options.​



4 awesome repairs with SMG
Looks great....very natural and the buzz cut really suits him. Superb work as always ¬b`