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Dr Eberson, 1600 grafts manual FUE 0 - 12 months

Dr Eberson

Dr Eberson

Valued member
Manual FUE performed on a 41 year old Caucasian male with:
-With no previous hairloss surgery.

-No use of any hairloss medication before.

His personal goals was to fill up the sides with FUE to get more coverage and a natural result.

Treatment plan:

1. A Follicular Unit Extraction with 1600 FU in one day to restore the entire hairline and sides.

2. Restoring & improving overall look due to diffuse thinning on top because MPB with Finasteride 1mg once a day to cover future hairloss.

A Follicular Unit Extraction with 1600 FU. Extraction performed with a 0.85mm CIT manual punch.

180 single hair
1133 double hair
287 triple hair
1600 follicular units in one day








Superb work with the amount of grafts used. I see the patient does not use medications for hair loss, is he considering them as he looks like a diffuse pattern?
Dr Eberson

Dr Eberson

Valued member
Hi Janna,

Thank you! Always appreciate your professional comments and suggestions in this forum.
Dr Eberson

Dr Eberson

Valued member
Bastion, thank you too. Yes you are absolutely correct he's got a diffuse pattern of hairloss.

He started shortly, a couple of months after his procedure with the use of Propecia with his GP.

By the way he was extremely happy with this result and his hairdresser too. ;-)
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