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Dr Eberson, FUE 2050 grafts 0 - 6.5 months post-op

Dr Eberson

Dr Eberson

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Follicular Unit Extraction on a Caucasian male with:

- NW III patient

- Medium hair

-Medication used and still continuing: Minoxidil 5%, twice daily

Treatment plan:

The goal of this surgery was to add more density to the frontal area of this patient with FUE after a previous failed FUE surgery from another Clinic.

Performed procedure:

FUE procedure with 2050 FU for reconstruction of hairline and temples in two consecutive days.

Extraction performed with a 0.9 mm CIT Manual Punch.

Graft breakdown:

* 203 single hair

* 1213 double hair

* 624 triple hair
* 10 quadruple hair

Total of 4541 hair follicles.



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He's got a nice result coming along at 6.5 months!


Superb result Dr Eberson and only half way there. How old is the patient when he had the procedure?
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Dr Eberson

Dr Eberson

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Thank you Janna! He came in at our office with a smile so I know we did well.

@Scotsman91 Thank you too. Glad you like it. He's 29 years old. His previous operation before was just one year before.